Posted by: Dave | January 29, 2008


This is an interesting talk given by Will Wright (creator of the Sims games) on his upcoming project called Spore. This is one of the most innovative ideas for a game I’ve seen and I think he has some fascinating ideas about the potential for games and other entertainment media to change the way we think.

The TED Talks invite some of the world’s most renowned thinkers and doers to give little presentations about things that are important to them. I recommend visiting the site and checking out more of the lectures; a lot of them are super-interesting.



  1. The future of gaming AND the future of information, period.

    Will has some awesome points, who could not love a sandbox as big and mutable as a universal? As mentioned, his experience with the Montessori school environment has certainly shaped his imagination and thinking in some pretty profound ways. Even this approaches Wire-like levels, wouldn’t you say?

    As for critical feedback, Will Wright is putting the tools of remediation in our hands, an ability (granted through an impressive graphical and gameplay toolbox) to reshape “culture” as we see fit. Isn’t it great how there are Web 2.0 and New Media incorporations, such as the pulling of other players creature types across the internet and plunking them down on the planets in your galaxy? Just WILD

    If only we had choice like this in waking life.

    TED Talks FTW

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