Posted by: Dave | June 1, 2008

Tardy Twitter’er

When the social networking/micro-blogging site Twitter first started generating buzz, I looked at it and saw it strictly being a way of sharing useless, mundane information.

David is working for another hour. David is drinking cranberry juice. David is clipping his finger nails.

Big deal. I think I started to change my tune when I read the popular story about the grad student who twittered his way out of an Egyptian prison. Then, for the first time, I realized how people are using Twitter to share valuable information in a most efficient way – in 140 characters or less. I’m still learning what all the little features are, and I’ll probably get a Tweet feed going here soon – or perhaps in my personal blog, if it seems more fitting.

I’m “dbeatty”, by the way.

random update: In an excellent post entitled Twitter-me this, Melissa Sconyers has written the best explanation of Twitter’s usefulness I’ve read to date.


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